Top Human Skills That Automation Won’t Be Able to Replace

Human Skills That Automation

Are you fond of tech-based movies with robots at the center like Ex-Machina, Transformers, or classics like The Terminator? If so, then the world of A.I. with all its neuroses and roots in science may fascinate you, despite the consistent warning of the world being taken over by the robots! Nonetheless, the future that seemed afar is here. Now A.I. is here to stay. At least that’s what it seems to be with digitization progressing at a lightning-fast speed today.

It shouldn’t be a surprise when we say ‘automation is the key to the ultimate future’. But you don’t even need to feel threatened by the advancing technology. Though any young internet consumer would advise their much older counterpart to ‘chill and simply go with the flow’, there are still plenty of mainstream domains where a human touch is considered necessary. And much needed for innovation and vision, despite the popularity of automation today.

Let’s walk through some of the skills that cannot easily be replaced or replicated by automation. These are as follows:

The Enigma of Human Temperament

You may think that having a virtual assistant like Siri is great since it helps you accomplish your daily checklist without much issue. So, if you want to translate a web page into other languages, schedule a conference call with the remote team, send task reminders, or just check email these are just some of the stuff that Siri can do for you.

But while Siri punctually gives updates and helps achieve tasks, the virtual assistant can’t feel or even comprehend the complexity of the human temperament. After all, a person’s mood doesn’t stay the same all day long – it ebbs and flows, sometimes up, other times down. Even if equipped with the most advanced tech, human temperament is quite complex to be accurately grasped. Its foundation is based on the attribute of empathy, which makes every human being unique and truly special. Thus, differentiating robots from human beings, since they cannot be imitated by robots nor can originate within one!

The Magic of Human Imagination& Creativity

Similar to empathy, creativity is also a strong human quality. And the basis of all content created in the world today! While creativity may fuel digital content but it is not something that comes automatically to any A.I. machine. That’s because all existing tech-based structures work by utilizing inputted data and presenting rational inferences based on the information inputted. And that’s the issue with the faculty of imagination and creativity.

Similar to dreaming, it cannot be programmed into the system but requires the system to innovate on its own. This is where career paths like entrepreneurs, thought leaders, creatives, authors, and visionaries among numerous others hold a strong advantage that’s not going to be changed any time soon despite technology dominating the digital world. As for your favorite robot movies, click on the link to find out, if they are currently listed online:

The Intricacy of Human Communication

Communication skills are another human attribute that cannot be digitized because each linguistic scenario presents a different picture. No wonder communicating effectively is considered an art for there is so much that goes into this domain. Human speakers don’t just put their thoughts in words or sentences but the innumerable layers to their daily utterances reflect various nuances of their true selves. Human communication is a gateway to understanding human life aspects like mental, social, psychological, cultural, regional, and even religious facets to name a few.

Though technological advancement may know how to identify the unconventionality of facial expressions, one thing is for sure A.I. would never be able to communicate as effectively as a human would. For instance, the conversation that a digital consumer would hold with an agent to inquire about Spectrum deals and the various topic jumps that would take place in that one conversation, despite asking for technical assistance is inimitable. And would still differ if a similar conversation took place with another agent since conversation styles and content are based on the individual characteristics of a person.

The Capability forget-Based Decision-Making

Despite having a strong tech presence, we still rely on our gut in many ways. Go through some of the old science-fiction movies, in which the human master is supposed to make a life-changing decision. But as a last resort, asks the Big Computer what he should do. While the Big Computer accurately calculates an upcoming calamity – with all the data figures and stats – the human master does what he feels is right: based on his gut feeling.

This gut feeling or sixth sense as it is better known, is a very human attribute, one that simply cannot be incorporated, even within the most advanced tech frameworks. This primal quality has been embedded since the human race was born in the world. And this is what distinguishes between A.I. and human beings.

Wrapping It Up,

The bottom line here is that despite A.I. mushrooming like never before, there are some areas where it cannot replace human-based skills, despite the availability of the most advanced systems. To a certain extent, even the strongest of A.I. tech requires intervention from the human population at some level. So, let your mind relax as machines can replicate the human mind but are still not even close to completely replacing it.

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