The Best Kept Secrets About Use Of Face Concealer

Face Concealer
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Concealer is one of the important parts of makeup for hiding discoloration or marks that are in the face. If you are confused about the usage of concealer, then they are just used to conceal the spots or marks in the skin, dark circles, discoloration in the skin, and a lot more. Many of us just use the foundation after moisturizing, which is why the skin issues are visibly seen. So, always make sure to conceal first and then use the foundation.

Concealer plays an important role in making your skin get an evenly kind of finish. Grab your concealer based on your skincare concerns. You will find the right kind of concealer by checking the tips and tricks part of the content. Choose vertical lines rather than horizontal ones while using a concealer. This will help in giving an even look, which makes the overall look awesome. While blending, make use of a sponge or a good fluffy brush to make sure that the blending is more even and gives an even kind of look.

If you are even confused now, then follow the below steps.

  1. Prep your skin well with a good hydrating moisturizer and protect your skin with the help of sunscreen
  2. Pick a primer. Go with gel-based for oily skin and cream-based for dry skin.
  3. Now conceal your face wherever you have spots, uneven skin tones, marks, and dark circles.
  4. Then you can use your foundation. It is best to use the right shade so that your skin looks well merged. This will help in giving you a natural finish.
  5. Layer with a loose powder or compact.
  6. Finish it with your favorite lipstick, and you are good to go.

So, now there might be confusion about how to pick the right shade of concealer. It is always advised to use one shade darker than your skin tone. This will help in fading the skin care concerns that are in the face.

Tips and Tricks while Using a Concealer:

  • While you are concealing your under-eye area, rather than going with a small U shape, go with a big V. This will help in concealing your dark circles well and clearer.
  • Dot using a triangle in the under-eye area, and then gently blend them out.
  • If you have black spots, then use an orange or one shade darker concealer.
  • If you are looking to hide your redness, then go for a green-color-based concealer. A green-tinted base concealer can help in hiding and fading away the redness present in the skin.
  • Choose a product that does not grease or make your skin cakey.
  • After using a concealer make sure to set them with a compact powder for creating a smudge-free look.
  • Make sure to have bloating papers in hand while doing makeup to make your skin well-set and look neat.

If you are looking for a good quality and long-lasting product, then Revlon Concealer is one of the best choices to go with.

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