The 10 Best Car Phone Mounts for Thick Cases (Including Otterbox Defender Cases)

MagSafe Car Mounts For iPhone

In a world where smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, having a reliable car phone mount is crucial for a safe and convenient driving experience. For those who prefer the extra protection of thick cases, finding the right car mount can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions designed to accommodate even the bulkiest phone cases. In this article, we will explore the five best car phone mounts for thick cases, with a special focus on Mighty Mounts, a brand renowned for its compatibility with Otterbox Defender cases.

Mighty Mounts Car Mounts for Otterbox Defender Cases:

Mighty Mounts stands out for offering the widest range of car mounts and car accessories. Specializing in cases like Otterbox Defender, known for their thickest robust protection, Mighty Mounts provides the best Otterbox cases Car Mounts tailored for a secure fit. Their commitment shines through in the diverse options available, showcasing a dedication to meeting the unique needs of users with thick cases.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4:

Known for its versatility and user-friendly design, the iOttie Easy One Touch 4 is an excellent choice for those with thick phone cases. Its adjustable arms and telescopic arm extension ensure compatibility with various phone sizes and case thicknesses. The sticky gel pad provides a strong, secure grip on both dashboards and windshields.

Ram Mounts X-Grip:

For those seeking a rugged and durable option, the Ram Mounts X-Grip stands out. Its spring-loaded cradle and rubber-coated tips securely hold phones in place, even with the bulkiest cases. The mount’s versatility allows for easy adjustment and positioning, catering to individual preferences and driving conditions.

Scosche MagicMount:

The Scosche MagicMount series offers a magnetic solution for securing your phone in the car. The magic plate, which adheres to your phone or case, attaches magnetically to the mount. This design allows for easy one-handed operation and accommodates various case thicknesses.

VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder:

Combining simplicity with magnetic strength, the VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder provides a hassle-free solution for users with thick cases. The powerful magnets ensure a secure attachment, while the 360-degree rotation allows for optimal viewing angles. The compact design makes it a discreet yet effective choice for any car interior.

AUKEY Car Phone Mount:

With its strong suction cup and adjustable arms, the AUKEY Car Phone Mount is a versatile option for users with phones in thick cases. The 360-degree rotation and easy installation add to its appeal.

Bracketron Universal Cup-iT Cup Holder Mount:

Perfect for those who prefer a cup holder mount, the Bracketron Cup-iT offers a secure fit for phones with thick cases. The adjustable base and flexible gooseneck provide optimal positioning within the car.

Spigen Kuel A201 Car Phone Mount:

Spigen’s Kuel A201 features a low-profile design with adjustable arms to accommodate phones with thick cases. Its easy installation and 360-degree rotation make it a reliable companion for your car journeys.

Beam Electronics Air Vent Car Mount:

The Beam Electronics Air Vent Car Mount offers a simple yet effective solution for phones with thick cases. Its adjustable arms and 360-degree rotation make it versatile, while the air vent attachment provides added convenience.

TORRAS Cell Phone Holder:

Designed with a unique clip design, the TORRAS Cell Phone Holder can securely grasp phones with thick cases. Its shock-absorbing silicone pads provide extra stability, preventing any unwanted vibrations during your drive.


Finding the best car phone mount for thick cases is a matter of balancing functionality, security, and ease of use. Mighty Mounts, with its specialized options for Otterbox Defender cases, offers a tailored solution for users seeking the perfect fit. Whether you opt for the ruggedness of Ram Mounts, the versatility of iOttie, the magnetic simplicity of Scosche, or the compact design of VAVA, these mounts are sure to enhance your driving experience by providing a safe and convenient way to keep your smartphone within reach.

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