Protecting Your Bald Head from Sunburn: Essential Summer Safety

Protecting Your Bald Head from Sunburn: Essential Summer Safety

One of the most significant benefits of going bald is not having to worry about pulling a hat over your ears when it’s cold outside. Conversely, you need to pay more attention to sun safety this summer. You risk getting sunburn if you are out in the sun without proper protection.

Choosing to shave your head doesn’t mean you should skip out on sunscreen. Keep reading for everything you need to know about protecting your bald head from the sun.

Cover Up with a Cap or Hat

Protecting your bald head from sunburn should be essential to your summer safety regimen. You can go here and find several options to cover up.

A cap or hat protects your scalp and head from the sun’s rays. Hats with wide brims that keep the sun away from your face are a great choice. Baseball caps with a bill are also a practical option.

Skin cancer is a risk for anyone in the sunshine, including those with bald heads. Make sure to check your scalp for changes in the skin routinely, and always err on the side of caution when it comes to sun exposure.

Apply Proper Sunscreen

It’s essential to protect your bald head from sunburn during the summertime. To do this, you should regularly apply sunscreen to your scalp. Before hitting the beach or spending a day outside, use an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen on your head to provide optimal scalp protection for your bald head.

Re-apply every two hours or after swimming or sweating. It’s imperative to protect your head from sunburn, so ensure you’re adequately prepared with a hat during the summer months.

Stay in the Shade

In the summertime, protecting your bald head from sunburn is essential. Staying in the shade or seeking air-conditioned areas when the sun is hot is vital. Not only can direct sunlight cause sunburns, but the sun’s rays can still be damaging even when it’s cloudy.

Seeking out shaded spots with umbrellas or awnings can protect your bald head from the summer heat and intense UV rays. Lastly, staying hydrated and calm is essential to prevent sunburn when you spend extended time outdoors. Practicing proper precautions can help ensure a fun and comfortable summer season.

Use Sun-Protective Clothing

Protecting your bald head during the summer is essential to sun safety. Wearing a bandana or neck scarf is the most effective step you can take. It would help if you also considered wearing UPF-rated, sun-protective clothing. This clothing blocks most of the ultraviolet radiation, deflects the sun’s heat and even dries if you get wet.

Quality UPF clothing can provide up to 50+ UPF protection and block UVA and UVB rays. Opt for sun-protective clothing and fabrics like linen, which can block UV rays from directly hitting your head.

Protecting your Bald Head

Protecting your bald head from sunburn and other UV-related risks doesn’t have to be complicated or compromise your fashion sense. You can enjoy the summer days without worrying by using an umbrella, a breathable hat, or a sun-protective product like a spray or balm. Don’t wait – protect your head today!

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