Prepare Your Kids for Division Concepts With Creta Class

Prepare Your Kids for Division Concepts With Creta Class
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Creta Class, one of the best educational apps, helps kids aged 3-8 understand all the Mathematical concepts quickly in a fun learning environment. Many kids find Math difficult, either in the initial ages of education or in higher classes. Thus, developing their interest in the subject is essential so they do not feel bored and keep exploring new ways to solve different Maths problems quickly and easily. 

One of the most important Mathematical operations kids should know is division. Children often struggle to solve division sums and do not understand the core concept. However, the experienced faculty of Creta Class incorporates fantastic teaching methods to help kids understand the concept deeply and solve division questions easily. Instead of theoretical knowledge, teaching concepts to the kids more practically is crucial. Follow our guide to help children practice division in fun and easy ways. 

How to Make Kids Understand Maths in Interesting Ways? 

With the ways to practice division problems, kids may get rid of the fear of Maths, and instead enjoy learning its concepts. To ensure your kids have pleasure while learning, follow the below-mentioned ways and check out the results for yourself.

  1. Drawing Shapes

Division refers to the equal distribution of parts. To help your kids understand this concept practically, you can ask your kids to draw distinct shapes, including circles, squares, and rectangles, and divide them into two equal parts by drawing a line. 

Drawing and dividing shapes help children enhance problem-solving skills, creativity, and imagination. With the fascinating class designed by Creta Class, your kids can get a special but fun learning experience. So, you may not need to worry as Creta Class has got everything covered. The team provides individual attention to all kids and emphasizes their weak areas so that they get all the knowledge they need to be successful in the long run. 

  1. Manipulatives 

Manipulatives, like beads, are engaging and interesting ways to practice division sums. Ask your kids to take a certain number of manipulatives and divide them equally into different groups. For instance, you can ask your kid to have 15 beads and divide them equally into 3 groups of 5 each. Kids can have fun by counting and dividing the beads into equal parts. This practical exercise may help them understand the concept of division more easily and remember it for a lifetime. 

Creta Class, the leading and the best educational apps for 4 year olds and beyond, believes in helping your children learn the essence of Mathematical concepts and apply them in real-life situations so that they may understand their importance. The mentors conduct such interesting learning activities, like manipulatives, to ensure kids actively participate and do not feel bored. 

  1. Counting & Sharing

Instead of making your kids learn 4/2= 2, you can use real-life examples to help them understand division. For instance, you can ask your kids to count the number of chocolates and divide them equally with friends or siblings. You may also ask your child to divide 8 slices of cake equally among 4 cousins. 

You can use different items, such as blocks, ice creams, and toys, so that they may take an interest and participate actively. This way, kids may get excited and learn division perfectly. This exercise also enhances the counting skills of kids. 

  1. Games

Games can play a significant role in helping children solve any division problem swiftly and accurately. Different games have been designed for kids, covering all the essential topics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can find such games almost anywhere on the internet and sit with your kids while they are playing. This may help you know how much kids have understood the topic and where exactly they are lacking behind. 

With Creta Class, your kid’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills are developed, which is essential to succeed in life. The platform has a fun AI system that ensures your kid’s interest is intact in the game, thereby learning division easily. The games are designed for each Maths topic and concept to develop in-depth knowledge & understanding of the subject. 

  1. Animated Videos & Rhymes

Distinct animated videos related to different Maths topics, like division, can maintain your kid’s interest in the subject and help them learn it easily. The videos are influential and have a significant impact on the kids as they feel like singing after characters in the video, thereby helping them memorize the concept. 

At Creta Class, the experts design various informative videos with engaging graphics that help kids to enjoy themselves while having fun. The team will also send progress reports to parents and kids so that you stay updated on how much progress your kids are making. 

Wrapping Up! 

It can be quite tough for kids to understand the concept of division, and they may also feel bored if concepts are just theorized. Creta Class brings engaging ways to help kids understand the concept more practically to ease the learning process. 

The team designs customized lessons for kids based on their abilities and knowledge. With reliable learning resources, like videos based on distinct Maths topics, your kids may develop a keen interest in the subject and be active in the class. Mentors provide daily tasks to ensure kids are learning the concept and not lacking behind in any division sums. With this platform, parents, as well as children, get instant feedback that they may know their strong areas and weaknesses. Creta Class, being one of the best educational apps for 4-year-olds and beyond, can help your kids have magical results in the subject. 

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