An Overview of Online MBA With a Concentration in Human Resources

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The business world needs well-educated and knowledgeable HR professionals more than ever before. Having an MBA in HR can help you get the desired job and lead to higher salaries. Most universities have programs to equip you with the skills needed for HR roles in all industries.

Career Opportunities

Online MBAs with a Concentration in Human Resources offer career opportunities to business leaders seeking specialized knowledge and skills related to workplace culture, employee satisfaction, staffing, and payroll. These programs provide a variety of electives, so you can further specialize in topics that interest you most. Also, they are essential to become a leader in human resources.

Those with an HR focus can seek careers in management roles like the head of corporate training, benefits manager, compensation manager, and lead recruiter. These positions often pay six-figure salaries (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Many HR MBA graduates earn a doctorate in human resources, which could further increase their earning potential. These professionals are in demand to guide organizational development and change initiatives.

Most universities offer a fully-online MBA with a concentration in Human Resources. It features coursework that explores today’s most critical issues and topics, from ethics and corporate social responsibility to leadership, strategy, and management. In addition, you can build your resume and enhance your soft skills with industry-recognized certifications embedded throughout the program.


If you’re interested in management roles focusing on human resources, an online MBA with a concentration in Human Resources can help you get there. These programs combine the business administration classes of a traditional MBA with workforce management courses that teach you how to handle both entry-level employees and top-tier managers.

These programs typically require around 60 credits and take about two years to complete. They offer career-focused coursework and prepare students for upper-level human resources roles with six-figure median salaries.

A human resources MBA course includes foundational financial reporting, organizational management, and labor law classes. Concentration courses in human resource planning and strategy, negotiations and conflict resolution, and personnel staffing and evaluation will build your expertise. These degrees are a popular alternative to a general MBA and are available in a hybrid format. They’re designed for busy professionals who want to learn in a flexible, convenient format without relocating or leaving their jobs.

When it comes to pursuing an MBA colleges in USA, there are numerous prestigious colleges and universities offering top-notch programs.


An online MBA with a concentration in Human Resources is an excellent option for working professionals who want to advance their careers. These programs offer affordable tuition and a high-quality education to help you stand out from the competition in your field. Students with an online HR MBA can choose from various internship options. Choosing internships based on personal interests and ambitions can be a great way to boost your career prospects. Internships also provide valuable experience, transferable skills, and professional connections. These benefits will be critical to your success when you graduate and start looking for your first job.

Many online MBA students seek a career change and want to work in a new industry. An HR MBA internship is a great way to gain relevant experience in your desired field before you graduate and begin searching for your first full-time position.


An online MBA with a concentration in Human Resources offers you an opportunity to build the skills you need to excel in your HR career. Whether you’re interested in creating positive corporate cultures, promoting employee development and training, or boosting productivity through compensation, this degree can help you gain valuable competencies.

Most programs require 60 credits and take two years of full-time study. Some schools offer hybrid degree options, combining distance-learning courses with a brief on-campus residency. The curriculum typically includes foundational business classes and electives in HR management, with a capstone or thesis seminar. Popular electives include workplace legal issues, labor, employee engagement, and organizational psychology.

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