Navigating the Entrepreneurial Skies: Tim Hebert’s Soaring Success

Tim Hebert

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, where change is the only constant, there emerges a figure who not only embraces change but orchestrates it with finesse. Oscar Timothy Hebert, better known as Tim Hebert, is a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary leader, a maestro of transformation with a proven track record spanning over four decades.

Born on October 15, 1962, in the picturesque town of Caribou, Maine, to parents Oscar Xavier Hebert and Jeanne Joyce Hebert, Tim’s journey into the world of innovation and leadership began early. After graduating high school, Hebert took flight into the United States Air Force, where he immersed himself in the intricacies of electronics, digital computer systems, and avionics. His quest for knowledge led him through the hallowed halls of Colorado Technical College, Community College of Aurora, University of Denver, University of Rhode Island, and Bryant University, culminating in the award of an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration in 2014.

Tim Hebert’s career trajectory took flight during his service in the United States Air Force as a Senior Airman from 1980 to 1984. A distinguished entrepreneurial journey unfolded from there, a journey that would leave an indelible mark on the business world.

In 1989, Hebert co-founded Atrion, a venture that started as a modest two-person operation and ascended to a $170-million IT powerhouse over 33 years. His leadership acumen earned Atrion accolades such as being a “Cisco Gold Partner,” a “Microsoft Gold Partner, Inc. 5000 awardee,” and a “Providence Business News Best Place to Work Company.” The crescendo of Atrion’s success reached its peak with its acquisition by Carousel Industries in 2016.

Hebert’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to compose new tunes with the establishment of Trilix, where he served as Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Specializing in application development services and business consulting, Trilix harmonized success, culminating in its successful acquisition by Blackburn Labs in March 2022.

Beyond his ventures, Hebert’s influence extends to various boards and councils, showcasing his commitment to diverse sectors. As a Medicus IT Board Member, Apogee IT Services Board Member, Eye to Eye National Board Member, and a member of the Rhode Island Society of CPAs – RI Business Forum, he continues to shape the direction of businesses and organizations.

In March 2018, Hebert composed his magnum opus with the founding of Dirigo Leadership Consulting, where he assumed the role of Founder & CEO. Through Dirigo, he conducts a symphony of empowerment, offering business leaders keynotes, workshops, and coaching services. His mission is clear – to aid leaders in breaking self-imposed limitations and achieving remarkable outcomes.

Tim Hebert’s journey is not just a chronicle of business triumphs; it’s a symphony of innovation, resilience, and leadership. As he continues to navigate the entrepreneurial skies, his legacy serves as a guiding star for aspiring leaders seeking to compose their own success stories.

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