Make your child sharper with these games

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Make your child sharper with these games

People often associate playing online games with a static activity, one that does not lead to any physical or mental upliftment. Although this assessment may hold for certain graphically violent games overall, the above presumption is far from the truth. One may find several games online that could lead to the holistic development of one’s ward.

These are games to make your child smarter. Particularly noteworthy in this context are the farming games that are not just engaging but informative as well. Such games provide children with a vicarious experience of food cultivation and teach them valuable life lessons.

Games for children’s holistic development

  • Farmville – Farmville is an agriculture simulation game. You can plant a crop of your choice, grow and harvest the yield as well as raise livestock. The farm game involves a currency that is to be used for the development of the farm. The players start with an empty farmland along with a fixed number of coins. The money is to be deployed for farming purchase activities. One has to start from scratch on the allotted land and grow suitable crops. Thus, players get to learn the fundamentals of farming apart from the fertilizers and machinery used to improve farming. Children get to learn the significance of agriculture and finance which would provide them a real-world experience. As players progress in the game they collect experience points or XP which motivates them to continue the process.
  • Minecraft – Minecraft is an adventure expedition game where the players have to explore nature through forests, swamps, and brooks. They have to avoid the Warden or the villain to survive in the game. The game is set in both dark and colorful mode and the players encounter a lot of wild species in the game which enrich their learning experience apart from giving them a thrilling experience. The game is typically made for children above 8, but the popularity of the game has attracted players of all ages. Such a game brings out the inquisitive character of children as well as builds critical thinking abilities in them.
  • Pocket Harvest – Pocket Harvest is an incredibly well-designed farming game. The players in the game not only have to look after their farms but also turn the latter into a tourist attraction. The features like research points are truly unique. This game captures the attention of players like nothing else. Children learn the importance of management, risk initiatives, and research at the same time. Such skills built early on in life go a long way toward reaping the demographic dividend.
  • Master chef family cooking game – The game attempts to educate children by teaching them basic cooking skills like identifying perishable items and using knives to cut meat and fruits. There are challenging tasks involved with “mystery ingredients” that test the innovative abilities of the player. The master chef family cooking game is a great way to make your child interested in cooking and gourmet activities. These definitely are games to make your child smarter.
  • Star Chef 2 – Star Chef 2 is a popular game, an improvement over its predecessor that encourages children to involve themselves in all aspects of food- from cooking and baking to preparing gourmet cuisines. The game provides an exhaustive experience of cooking to children where they can meet chefs from around the world and showcase their food preparation prowess to global customers.

Advantages of playing farming games

  • Educational

These games motivate children to learn more about real life by providing them with relevant information to educate them about different topics.

  • Stress relief

Playing vibrant games relieves the children of any stress. They enjoy the visual appeal of the games and soothe their nerves.

  • No gaming addiction

When children play such games they come back again and again to learn but with the eagerness to learn not as a gaming addict.

  • Increased cognitive ability

Gaming improves the cognitive faculties of children and develops important skills like critical reasoning which helps them for a lifetime.

  • Better retention

The spatial memory increases with these games which in turn helps in retention. Children are better aware of their surroundings this way.


The gaming domain is filled with a wide variety of games- from simple and fun or educational to gory violence-filled ones. Parents are often worried about the exposure of their children to violent games. However, they need not worry as there are several engaging and educational games too. These significantly help in the personality-building of young children. A farm game is possibly the best bet for them. Games like the Farmville series, Minecraft, Masterchef, and Star Chef 2 are highly interactive. These games pique the interest of children beautifully and inculcate curiosity in them. They also get to learn important life values such as teamwork and friendship. It has several advantages related to cognitive development as well. The colorful ambiance of the gaming interface builds spatial memory which in turn develops their creative faculties. Playing video games is not just a passive experience anymore.

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