Is It Legal to Ride Your Bike on the Sidewalk in Newport Beach, CA?

Is It Legal to Ride Your Bike on the Sidewalk in Newport Beach, CA?
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In Newport Beach, California, cycling is a common form of exercise and transportation. It’s understandable why so many people prefer to use two wheels for transportation given the area’s stunning seaside views and miles of bike lanes and routes. However, when it comes to cycling on sidewalks, many people are unsure about the legalities of this practice. Learn more here about whether it is legal to ride your bike on the sidewalk in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach Municipal Code

According to the Newport Beach Municipal Code, it is illegal to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk in the city’s business district. The region encircled by MacArthur Boulevard, Jamboree Road, Coast Highway, and Dover Drive is known as the business district. This region contains Balboa Island and the well-known Newport Beach Peninsula.

The local code does not specifically forbid bicycle riding on sidewalks outside of the business district. The code does, however, mandate that bikes ride so as not to jeopardize the security of pedestrians. This means that while passing a pedestrian, bikers must defer to them and offer an audible signal. Furthermore, cyclists are required to travel at a speed that is sensible and reasonable in the circumstances.

Should You Ride Your Bike on the Sidewalk?

While it may be legal to ride on the sidewalk outside of the business district, it is important to note that it is not necessarily safe. Sidewalks are designed for pedestrian use, and riding a bicycle on a crowded sidewalk can be dangerous for both the cyclist and pedestrians. This is especially true in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as tourist areas and shopping centers.

Safety Tips to Follow

In Newport Beach, it’s crucial to abide by safety regulations when riding a bike on the sidewalk. These regulations include yielding to pedestrians, slowing down when approaching them, making an audible signal before passing, riding at a safe speed appropriate for the terrain, and paying attention to your surroundings to avoid potential hazards.

Final Thoughts

Riding on the sidewalk outside of the business district may be allowed, but it is important to keep in mind that it is not always safe. Moreover, sidewalks are built for pedestrians, so cycling on one can be dangerous for both the bike and the pedestrians. If you were in a bicycle accident recently, hiring a Newport Beach bicycle accident lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

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