Interview with Samsung VP Jaeyeon Jung: How Galaxy SmartTag Fits into the SmartThings Ecosystem (Carolina Milanesi/Fast Company)

interview samsung fastcompany vp jaeyeon jung Galaxy
interview samsung fastcompany vp jaeyeon jung Galaxy (Image Credit: mangobaaz)

When it comes to smart home innovation, Samsung is already in the game. With its newly launched Galaxy SmartTag, Samsung is looking to further extend its reach within the popular SmartThings ecosystem, which as of December 2020 had 66 million active users.

Fast Company recently sat down with Samsung VP Jaeyeon Jung to discuss how the new device works, how it fits into the larger ecosystem, and what sets it apart from other remote location devices on the market.

What Is Samsung Galaxy SmartTag? 

The Galaxy SmartTag is a Bluetooth-enabled tag that can be used to locate items or people quickly and easily. It uses low-energy Bluetooth technology to connect with compatible phones and tablets through the Samsung SmartThings app, allowing users to find lost items or even keep track of people they care about.

The tags are small enough to attach to keyrings, backpacks or even pets and they’re water-resistant too so you don’t have to worry about them getting wet in bad weather. 

A Unique Feature: Augmented Reality Powered by Bixby 

Samsung has also included a unique feature on the device: augmented reality powered by Bixby Vision. This feature allows users to view their tag’s location in augmented reality simply point your phone camera at an area and you can see exactly where your tag is located. This makes finding things easier than ever before, eliminating time wasted searching for misplaced items around the house. 

How Does It Fit Into The Larger SmartThings Ecosystem? 

As with all products within Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, Galaxy SmartTags work together with other compatible products such as cameras, lights, and locks to create a connected home experience like no other.

For example, you can set up your Galaxy SmartTags so that when someone enters your house (with their tag), all lights come on automatically or you can set up notifications so that if something moves out of a predetermined area you get notified on your phone immediately.

You can also use multiple tags together for added convenience such as setting up a group notification when everyone leaves home at once or creating different profiles for different members in your household who need access to certain areas. 

Integration With Other Platforms 

In addition to working seamlessly within the wider Samsung network, Galaxy SmartTags are also compatible with Google Nest devices as well as Apple HomeKit accessories making it one of few home automation devices that offers cross-platform compatibility across different ecosystems.

This means that users have access to more features and greater control over their connected devices than ever before! 

What Sets The Galaxy SmartTag Apart From Other Remote Location Devices? 

Despite being relatively new in comparison to other remote location devices on the market such as Tile or AirTags (which has not yet been released publicly), there are some key features that make Galaxy SmartTag stand out from its competitors:  

• Augmented reality powered by Bixby Vision makes it easy for users to pinpoint the exact locations of their tags

• Cross-platform compatibility means users have access to more features across different ecosystems

• Its integration with Samsung’s larger smart home hub gives users greater control over connected devices

• Waterproof design makes it suitable for use outdoors

• Multiple profiles allow for tailored access levels depending on user requirements

• Ability for multiple tags to work together for added convenience;  

• Compact size makes it easy enough to attach to keyrings or pets without being bulky or noticeable


The release of Samsung’s new Galaxy SmartTag marks another step forward in our increasingly connected world offering users more control over their environment than ever before through advanced technological integration and intuitive design features.

Whether you’re looking for a device that offers comprehensive coverage across multiple platforms or something simple enough for everyday use, this sleek little tag should definitely be at top of your mind!

Interview with Samsung VP Jaeyeon Jung on the new Galaxy SmartTag and how it fits into the SmartThings ecosystem, which as of December had 66M active users (Carolina Milanesi/Fast Company)

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