NBCU and ViacomCBS Mull Bundling Streaming Services as Internal Data Shows Peacock Viewership at 11.3M Households (The Information)

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internal 11.3m nbcu peacock viacomcbsinformation (Image Credit: Vox)

In recent months, the streaming market has seen Netflix and Disney come out ahead of their rivals.

Now, executives at Comcast and its NBCUniversal arm are looking for ways to keep up with these companies, as internal data shows that only 11.3m US households regularly watch NBCU’s Peacock streaming service.

Reportedly, they have pitched ViacomCBS on the idea of bundling their respective streaming services together. 

What This Means for NBCU and ViacomCBS

With the current internal data showing that so few households are watching Peacock regularly, NBCU is looking for a way to gain more traction in the crowded streaming market.

One option is to bundle their streaming service together with ViacomCBS a move that could provide more content offerings for customers and help both companies draw in new viewers. 

The idea of bundling services has been floated before by other companies such as AT&T’s WarnerMedia who plan to launch HBO Max this spring which will include content from other networks like TBS and TNT but it is unclear if this strategy will be successful or not given the competitive landscape in the market today. For now, it seems like NBCU is exploring all options in order to remain competitive. 

What Else Is Being Done To Increase Peacock Viewership? 

In addition to potentially bundling with ViacomCBS, NBCUniversal has taken other steps to increase viewership of its streaming service, including offering free content on its website and introducing ad-supported tiers with cheaper prices than those offered by competitors such as Netflix or Disney+.

Furthermore, it also recently announced plans to partner with Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices in order to make its app available on these platforms starting later this year something that should help make Peacock more accessible to users who do not already own an Apple TV device or a smart TV set up with Chromecast built-in. 


With so many competitors vying for attention from consumers in the streaming space today, it is clear that traditional media companies like Comcast need to find new strategies in order to remain relevant.

While it remains unclear if bundling services together will be successful for them or not, one thing is certain: there are plenty of opportunities for innovation that can help these companies stay ahead of their rivals in this ever-changing landscape.

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