How to make chains in minecraft?

How to make chains in minecraft?
How to make chains in minecraft? (Image Credit: getdroidtips)

Do you know how to make chains in Minecraft? Let’s find out! This Minecraft tutorial will show you how to make chains with pictures and step-by-step directions.

In Minecraft, the chain is an item of new decoration added to the Nether Update.

So let’s see how we can make an e-chain.

How to make chains in Minecraft?

The Minecraft game includes a variety of various building blocks that you can utilize to decorate your home or build different structures and structures. 

A chain is among the objects you can use to add decoration by hanging other items and blocks from the sky, which isn’t possible in normal circumstances like bells, lanterns, or even lanterns.

Materials Required Making a Chain

The material required for making chains is described below.

  • Iron Ingot
  • Iron Nuggets

How to Make Iron Ingot

It is possible to make the iron ingot using the iron ores block. However, before exploring, you must first create an iron pickaxe from stone in case you still need to possess one. 

To create a stone pickaxe, you will need three cobblestones as well as 2 sticks. Collecting cobblestones requires, at the very least, a pickaxe made of wood because you cannot mine them with your hands. 

Therefore, locate some stones in the area by digging them or even in caves, and gather 3 cobblestone stones. You will also require two pieces of wood which you can obtain by placing two wooden planks on the table for crafting.

Make the stone pickaxe with 3 pieces of cobblestone along with two sticks on the craft table.

Now, you must find some iron blocks and take them home with the stone pickaxe.

The second thing to consider is the furnace making the iron ingot. If you don’t have one, you can make one by putting 8 cobblestones onto the table for crafting.

Place one iron ore block on the crafting table and any fuel source you can obtain, like a wooden log.

How to Make the Iron Nuggets

Placing 1 iron ingot onto the crafting table will give you iron nuggets.

How to Make a Chain

It is possible to make chains by placing 2 iron nuggets and one iron ingot in the same arrangement on the table for crafting.

Later, you can utilize it as a decoration, such as hanging the lanterns on the ceiling using a click at the edges of the chains, as shown below.


The Minecraft game is packed with many different kinds of blocks that you could use to challenge your imagination and creative thinking. For example, one of the blocks is a chain that you can use to hang other objects from the sky, which isn’t possible in the normal. This article was an extensive guideline on the materials we need and how to locate them to create chains in Minecraft. So, hope you get it best for “how to make chains in minecraft.”

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