Top 5 Alternatives to Find out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

Unknown Caller's Number

We received a lot of unknown calls, some we picked and some did not. But sometimes we need a way through which we can quickly find who called us. Besides this, you may need to know who called my kid or my spouse. There is a situation where you can quickly find the identity of an unknown caller without directly contacting them. 

Parents always want to know who is calling their children from a specific number. The situation is critical, as most parents do not want their children to get notified about it, but their safety is also their priority. The situation makes the whole scenario complex as to what to do, but it should be done with complete confidentiality.

If you are a parent who is facing a similar situation, you can get the assistance of online tools like WhoseNumber, these tools work to get useful information about any phone number.  Sometimes a person becomes completely confused about the selection of tools hence it is better to get guidelines. 

Top 5 Alternatives to Find out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

  1. WhoseNumber: Get Quick Results About An Unknown Number
  2. WhoCallMe: Best Tool For Phone Lookup
  3. WhatIsThisNumber: Secure Way To Know Who Is Calling You
  4. Intelius: Best Reverse Phone Lookup Way
  5. Spokeo: Do Phone Lookup Now

1. WhoseNumber – Get Quick Results About An Unknown Number

Unknown Caller's Number

Sometimes unknown calls make you frustrated as you want to know the details but you are unable to do so. Now you can get all the details about your target person using a tool name as WhoseNumber. This tool has made his distinct position among all tools in the market.

All of your search details will remain between you and the tool officials. You don’t need to worry about leaking your important work details of working to your children or anyone else. WhoseNumber gives an easy interface to its users so that even if you are new to using it you can get the details without any extra effort.

The platform also provides you with the facility to find the details by using the area code through this site. You don’t have to worry about whether or not a certain number is in the database. Instead, you can easily access hundreds of thousands of contacts.


  • Now you can get an efficient interface with this tool.
  • This platform is providing a simple working experience to the customers.
  • WhoseNumber is providing a complete detailed report about the target person.
  • The customer service of this platform is 24/7 as you do not need to wait for a response from the officials.


  • WhoseNumber is providing a lot of information and sometimes you get extra details that are not needed at present.

2. WhoCallMe-Best Tool For Phone Lookup


It is an online platform that is working as a leading interface by providing free facilities. With the help of this website, you can easily get yourself independent from scams and fraud. You just need to wait for a few minutes to get an extensive report about your target person. 


  • All the information provided through this platform is accurate.
  • This platform is accessible to everyone in the market.
  • You can easily get search results about the target person on a quick basis.


  • All the search results are temporary as you cannot save them for future work.

3. WhatIsThisNumber – Secure Way To Know Who Is Calling You


If you want a tool that gives you easy working without any hustle then it is none other than WhatIsThisNumber. All the working of the platform is easy to use and you can get the result of the number accurately. The system is so powerful that you can recognize any person from the database doubtlessly. 


  • The services provided are fast and reliable at WhatIsThisNumber.
  • You will never feel restricted while using the database of this tool.
  • The working of this platform is completely secure.


  • This website especially works to facilitate American users.

4. Intelius – Best Reverse Phone Lookup Way


It is one of the leading public record providers on the internet that assists people belonging to various fields. Presently knowing unknown callers have become easier with the help of Intelius. The platform is not an online reporting agency rather it is just a people search website. 


  • It is considered one of the leading tools.
  • You can enjoy online services through this platform.
  • You can have an easy way of searching for details at Intelius.


  • You need to pay something to get the subscription as you can unsubscribe it if you want to do so.

5. Spokeo – Do Phone Lookup Now


Spokeo is an online platform that provides you an opportunity of searching for the details of a person by using their name, phone number, address, or any other information. You can have an opportunity to look at details about your friends or unknown callers. 


  • The platform contains billions of public record in its database which make searching more comfortable.
  • The report provided by this platform is detailed and you will not skip anything.
  • You can get data through a secure procedure that prevents any fear of scams.


  • There are some chances of data error in it as the information is collected from public records which may be old.

Ending Remarks

Parents always remain concerned about the people connected to their children as they cannot trust anyone blindly. Now you can easily check the numbers that are continuously connected with your children by using online tools. The most confidentially working tools like WhoseNumber and WhoCallMe along with its other competitors are discussed above.

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