How Thick Is An Exterior Door: Tips For Measuring Exterior Doors Canada

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As a homeowner in Canada, entry door replacement is inevitable. Correct measurements are a must before you place an order for replacement doors. Otherwise, you’ll have to reorder the right size if the measurements are off. This puts a dent in both your wallet and your time frame.  Not to mention, it interferes with the installation process. 

In order to place an order, you need to get the correct height, weight, thickness, and so on. How thick is an exterior door? How tall is a standard door? What is the width? Do you need to measure the door itself or include the door frame?

This blog provides a helpful guide on determining how thick an exterior door is and other required measurements. Use this guide to measure your door frame prior to placing an order with a reputable windows and doors manufacturer. Always measure each section more than once to ensure that your numbers are correct. This extra step saves a great deal of time, money, and effort in the long run. 

How Thick Is An Exterior Door And Other Door Measurements: Step-by-Step Tutorial

As we mentioned earlier, obtaining the correct door measurements is crucial. Be sure to obtain the exact specifications before placing your order for replacement doors. Keep in mind that not all doors are created equal, so standard sizes may not apply to your situation. For example, custom-designed or double-entry doors differ in size from standard wood doors.

The best way to ensure that you obtain the correct measurements is to measure twice and record once. This prevents any errors that can result in delaying your door replacement project. 

Step 1: Determine the height of the entry door

Use a long tape measure to gather the measurement of the exterior door. Start at the door’s top corner and measure to the bottom corner of the door. Be careful to measure only the entry door itself. Do not include other components, such as the door sweep. Record the measurement on paper as soon as you obtain it so you do not mix up the numbers in your head. 

Step 2: Obtain the measurement of the width of the entry door.

Using the same tape measure, determine the width of the door. Start from the left corner and finish at the right. Take care to measure the door width only. Do not include the weather stripping or door frame in your measurement. 

Step 3: Measure the thickness to obtain how thick is an exterior door.

To obtain the door thickness, use the tape measure to measure the edge of the entry door. This measurement is critical as many homeowners forget to find out how thick is an exterior door and end up with the wrong size door. Also, measure the door jamb as this figure is similar to the door thickness. 

Step 4: Measure the height and width of the door frame.

As an extra boost of confidence that you have obtained the correct measurements, take a moment to measure the door frame area. First, start at the middle of the door to obtain the height from top to bottom. Next, measure from the floor to the underside of the trim along the top of the exterior door.

Remember that the door size is not the only thing contributing to the cost of exterior doors. The material plays a direct role in the pricing. Wood doors tend to cost more than steel or aluminum doors. However, wood entry doors are less energy-efficient than steel or fiberglass ones. Steel doors are ideal for home security. 

Additionally, the price depends on customizations and upgrades such as sidelights, door locks, decorative glass inserts, and other factors. Discuss options for additional features before making your order for replacement exterior doors. Most door materials can be custom-designed to match the architectural design of your home.

Now that you know how to figure out how thick is an exterior door, contact your local windows and doors company for a free quote. Also, a team member will take the time to discuss with you to decide what style and door material is best for your home. 

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