How Did Jeffery Dahmer Die -An Attack In Prison Which Ended A Serial Killer’s Life 

How Did Jeffery Dahmer Die
How Did Jeffery Dahmer Die

Jeffrey Dahmer, the most hateful and wicked serial killer in history, faced a horrible, violent end on November 28, 1994. How did Jeffery Dahmer die? Who is Christopher Scarver? Why does he hate Jaffery? What are the circumstances that occurred in Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin that led to the death of Jeffery? These are some quests that we reveal today. 

How Did Jeffery Dahmer Die?

Let’s go to the whole story. It was November 28, 1994. It is just like a typical day at Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin. Christopher Scarver, Jaffery, and Jesse Anderson were assigned to clean the prison’s gymnasium. They were working there when the guard saw Christopher Scarver hurrying to the cell. On guard’s questioned why he was returning, Christoper replied, “God told me to do so; you will hear about it on the 6 o’clock news. “But what was the back story? It is revealed after a few minutes.

Security camera and guide find Anderson and Jaffery unconscious, lying on the floor with many beating marks and blood around. They have died. After looking at security camera footage and asking questions from Christopher Scarver, it was confirmed that Christopher killed both of them. He admitted that he hates Jaffery, and today, he found a chance to kill him, so he did so. He was pleased with his act and said it was God will he ask me to do so. 

This news spread like fire and became the hottest news around America. People celebrate Jeffery Dahmer’s death and call Christopher a hero. Why did people enjoy Jaffery’s end? This is the real question. Why do people hate him? So, let’s move toward the whole story.  

Circumstances Leading to the Notorious Demise of Milwaukee Cannibal – Jeffery Dahmer

Before being judgemental of Jaffey’s death and celebration of people, it is essential to know about the list of his heinous crimes. Jeffery or Milwaukee Cannibal was a sign of terror from 1978 to 1991. During this long period, he committed almost 17 murders. But these modes were not against robbery or stealing; there was a horrible story. 

Jeffery targets young boys and men, murders them, commits necrophilia, and eats the flesh of his victim after his murder. He enjoys this act and is always in search of a weak target. He was the symbol of terror at that time. He never left any clue behind him. Police and other law enforcement agencies are always in search of Jaffery. But he vanishes from the murder scene like a magician. This is why he was marked as the most reviled criminal in prison history.

Jeffery’s Arrest And Behaviour In Prison 

After his arrest in 1991, he was arrested and sent to jail. He was not allowed to meet with other prisoners and was placed in special protective custody. However, after completing the first year, prison authorities allowed him to do limited activities like cleaning, cooking, and taking classes with other prisoners.

His behavior in jail was also disturbing. He was always busy doing bizarre acts, like eating food after making the illusion of different body parts. Use ketchup to show blood around these body parts. He was very proud of his previous acts and always talked about them in a very horrifying way. He always gives chilling reminders of his crimes. In short, he acts like he has supernatural powers.

Jeffery’s Punishment 

After the court trial, he was punished with 15 lives in prison, which was 941 years around, as Wisconsin had no death penalty then; thus, he was not hanged for death. Although Jeffery was punished, many people don’t like his punishment. They thought he had to be hanged publicly for their horrifying crimes.

Who Was Christopher 

Christoper, the man who killed Jeffery Dahmer, was also murdered. He committed this crime due to anger. He killed his boss, Steve Lohman, because he paid less than decided. After his arrest in 1992, he admitted that he had done wrong; murder was not the solution. He has to talk with higher authorities. He acknowledged his mistake and was guilty of it. He was also punished behind bars for a lifetime.

What Happened Actually, As Per Christopher Scarver

Twenty-four years old, Christoper told the whole story. He admitted that he hates Jeffery from the heart because of his disgusting behavior and un-humified murders. He told the police that we three were in the gymnasium for cleaning purposes, but Jeffery and Anderson taunted him, poked his back, and made fun of him. He said that his hate and their laughter worked together. He also said that he did great work, and this work was assigned to him by God.

 He picked up a 20-inch metal bar, a piece of an exercise machine, and hit Jeffery’s head hard. Christoper said when I was going to commit that act, Jeffery Dahmer was shocked and wanted to escape, but I blocked the door. He also admitted that after reading the details of Jeffery’s crimes in his diary, he confined that. He said, ” I hated him, so I hit his head twice with a rod; after this, I smashed his head towards the wall and waited for his death.” He also committed to killing Anderson because of supporting Jeffery. He admitted he was in anger but had no personal issues with Anderson.

What Happened With Christopher 

Christopher was punished with two more lifetime prisons after committing this act. Christopher was a man in prison with lifetime punishment, but he is a hero to many Americans, especially black Americans. He was still in Centennial Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado.

After that day, he did not commit any criminal act in jail; he is taking some psychotic medicines and staying calm in jail. He wrote the book God Seed: Poetry of Christopher J. Scarver Behind the Bars. His book was among the top-selling books around America. He provides the world’s looks from the prison walls in that book. 

Thus, we can conclude that evil personalities like Jeffery Dahmer are hated forever, and their end is to be like that always.

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