Top 10 Goofiest Dog Breeds Based on YouTube Viral Videos

Goofiest Dog Breeds


Having a dog adds so much joy to daily life. And this joy gets multiplied when your dog turns out to have an animated personality.

Some dogs are utter goofballs, and they know how to tickle their owners’ funny bones with their adorable antics, silly stunts, and facial expressions. One funny act from your dog can put you in fits of laughter and help ease a stressful day.

But which dog breeds with personality have these good-humored moves? 

Here are the top 10 goofiest dog breeds according to their viral videos on YouTube:

Golden Retriever

This breed loves a cuddlefest, and their outgoing and playful natures make them natural jesters. They tend to be hyperactive during playtime and cool as a cat at rest, so they can be very funny without even trying to be. 

Snorting like a boss while dozing off, chewing newspapers to pieces (never mind if his human is still reading it!), keeping up with the treadmill speed—there are dozens of funny videos featuring this intelligent dog breed acting wacky.

Siberian Husky

Don’t be fooled by expressions that range from stoic to full-on grumpy; the Siberian Husky has their own brand of hound humor. They make weird moves and throw googly eyes to get what they want, like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

This friendly breed loves extended playtime with its owners. They bask in the attention whenever they do something silly, so they love to “perform.”

French Bulldog

Let’s admit it, the bulldog’s sour mug face is enough to elicit a chuckle without them even trying to be funny. They are also naturally sweet, and easygoing, and love to please their owners they absolutely adore the attention.

They are also quite active, so you can find many videos of French Bulldogs pulling off funny stunts like making acrobatic poses, riding a scooter, banging their head to the music, doing a funny dance, or running around like a headless chicken.

Goofiest Dog Breeds


Small funny dog breeds like the Chihuahua usually have big, funny personalities, with outsized loyalty to their owners. Their tiny size, big bulging eyes, and ears that stick up make them look like they are always ready for a fun interlude. 

Funny videos show Chihuahuas eating a bigger dog’s food, running and tumbling down on the lawn, or tugging at another dog’s tail. They seem to move about without being aware of their diminutive size. They are not intimidated easily, adding to their charming silliness.


The late Queen Elizabeth relied on her corgis to help break the ice with people when protocol called for formality. This breed is famous for being friendly, athletic, lively, and affectionate. They are balls of energy and can quickly turn a day from boring to bright!

Their cheerful disposition makes them good family pets, always ready to share fun times and goofiness with their high energy and love for playtime. There are hilarious videos showing corgis photobombing VIP guests at Buckingham Palace, wagging their tails in the presence of the Queen, and walking away so casually without so much as a bow.

Goofiest Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever 

The Labrador’s nature is clever, fun-loving, enthusiastic, affectionate, and sociable. It is quite easy to warm up to their chummy and funny ways. There are tons of videos of them doing balancing acts, curling up on the bed like a boss, frolicking in the snow, running around in circles, or looking serious, seemingly wondering  “Can dogs eat peaches?” or “Is it normal to be goofy if you’re a big dog?”

This breed loves to feel included and loves to please its owners. Keeping them busy with fun activities makes them happy and keeps them from being aggressive or anxious. 

English Bulldog

Like their relative Frenchies, English Bulldogs are wrinkly and sociable, with a more droopy face and larger size. 

This breed’s strong jawline is a remnant from their fighting days; today, they have dozens of funny videos on YouTube showing their wholesome and hilarious side.


They are short-nosed, with short, wrinkly faces, muscular bodies, and curly tails, giving them a meme-worthy look that’s equal parts amusing and adorable. They look similar to French bulldogs and share their fun personality as well. They are also known to be even-tempered, playful, mischievous, clever, affectionate, and quite stubborn. 

Because of their big personalities, it’s easy to find them being unabashedly silly and funny, giving their owners fits of laughter with their antics from running around hysterically, acting like babies, making funny sounds, to reacting humorously to pranks.

Goofiest Dog Breeds

German Shepherd

This large, muscular, highly intelligent breed is known to be serious and reliable, making for very intimidating guard dogs. But they also have a surprisingly funny side! Imagine a no-nonsense dog doing something silly: it’s like a breath of fresh air.

They are very loyal and keen and can get along well with children if raised with them. When they are comfortable, they show off their playful and funny side effortlessly. There’s no shortage of funny videos on YouTube. YouTube creator Kapilesh14 reacts and shares one of the many funny German Shepherd videos that show how hilarious and intelligent they are.


This breed is energetic, affectionate, intelligent, and fun-loving, and their silly coat grooming makes them look funny and cute. They also thrive on attention. Dog breeder Rachel Neumeier says that what she loves most about poodles is their intelligence, sense of humor, athleticism, friendly nature, sensible guard instinct, and elegance. They look funny in videos as they stand on two feet gracefully in pajamas, lie down with their butt up, or show happy, satisfied faces while being groomed.

Goofiest Dog Breeds

Laughter as Medicine

A daily dose of LOL with your dog goes a long way.

Dogs love some good old playtime. According to experts, adults and children benefit from sharing a good laugh with dogs, and some wacky times with your pet can boost wellness. 

So go ahead and binge-watch those goofiest dog breed reels online, or better yet, have fun with one or more of these comical breeds at home and have a front-row seat seeing these natural entertainers in their element!

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