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Instagram Story
Instagram Story

Instagram is the second most popular social media after Facebook and its success is not without reason. It’s effective and fun, allowing each user to post a photo or video within certain limits to be commented on or liked by others. At first, it was so, but over time social media transformed into a kind of very effective digital marketing tool.

Instagram is no longer just a photo and video gallery but also a digital gallery that shows the live activities of its users and also stories, a kind of temporary status that is placed in glowing shades to attract as many people as possible to see it.

Instagram Stories are an effective medium for showing followers of an account about something, whether it’s text, photos, or videos. Stories are more likely to be viewed than photos and videos that are permanently embedded in galleries, so for many Instagram marketers, this medium is a measure of their success on Instagram. The more their Stories are viewed, the more likely the products/services they display will be sold.

Many novice Instagram marketers with low numbers of followers and likes feel frustrated because every Instagram Story they post doesn’t get a satisfactory response. Of course here the law of probability speaks. The more people view an Instagram Story, the more chances it has of being responded to.

The key is to get as many Instagram Story views as possible and for that, the help of a platform may come in handy. We introduce Followers Gallery, a unique platform that can give you Instagram Story Views Free.

How does it work? Why do we recommend this platform?

We won’t recommend anything for nothing. Followers Gallery is a platform with a unique but fair working pattern. You will join a large number of people in one community, more precisely a platform, the Followers Gallery itself, and interact with each other in order to collect as many digital coins as possible. The more coins you collect, the greater your capacity to increase the visibility of your account, one of which is by “requesting” views for your Instagram Stories.

It is an honest platform as it does not involve any robot accounts. We deal with real people here. Every follower, like, and view you receive is organic. Thus Instagram will not see your account violating the terms and conditions, preventing your account from the threat of being banned.

The advantages of Followers Gallery compared to similar platforms

Followers Gallery is a very secure platform. The development team behind it ensures that it is highly resistant to virus/malware attacks, and free from spamming ads, and other annoying things. There is no Instagram password required so any user will not “voluntarily” hand over their account to the platform.

– Everything that happens on the platform is fair. You are rewarded with free Instagram followers, likes, and views because you contribute positively. You benefit other users so you will also benefit from them. All are governed by a fair virtual coin distribution mechanism.

– Free from surveys. Filling out endless surveys is an annoying activity. Followers Gallery does not tolerate these kinds of disgusting practices.


Instagram Story views are one of the parameters of whether your account is popular or not. By joining and participating in the Followers Gallery, you can get a large number of views but it’s also free.

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