Evidence Required In Proving A Soft Tissue Claim After A Car Accident

Claim After A Car Accident
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Injuries are not always apparent following an accident, especially if it is a soft tissue injury. One might slowly witness swelling, bruising, or pain that requires immediate medical attention. A soft tissue injury that has already worsened needs long-term care, medications, and therapies. But can one claim compensation to recover the loss in such cases? Read thoroughly to know what an experienced attorney from the King Law firm has to say.

What Is A Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft tissue injury is the injury caused to the soft tissue inside the body due to an accident. Soft tissues are supporting material that protects various organs, joints, and bones. Ligaments, tendons, and muscles might be included in this category. Such injuries are complicated to predict as they show up with no symptoms or wounds and are generally considered to be invisible wounds. 

Symptoms Of Soft Tissue Injury:

Accident survivors must gain knowledge about some of the most common symptoms of soft tissue injuries to ensure safety and seek medical attention from the very beginning before the damage worsens. Any of the symptoms mentioned below require immediate consultation with a medical professional:

  • Reduction in the Flexibility
  • Bruising and soreness in the injured area
  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Strain

How To Prove A Soft-Tissue Injury Claim?

The responsibility of proving the fault of the negligent party in an accident that led to the soft tissue injury legally goes to the injured. But one can take assistance from an attorney to receive all the valuable legal advice and the necessary evidence to support the claim. This evidence involves:

Medical Records: 

As seeking immediate medical care is necessary after facing any accident, they can also serve as relevant medical records to prove the severity of one’s injuries in the future. Provide all the details as evidence to secure the chance of the success of a claim. 

Lost Income Records: 

Gathering all the records of the days one missed due o the injury from the employer can also be used as valid evidence to highlight the severity of the damage. This will also help in getting compensation for all the lost income due to the injury.

Diagnostic Tests: 

Diagnostic testing is especially beneficial to highlight the physical evidence of soft tissue injuries.

Final Thoughts:

Along with all these, one can also create a journal depicting the pain one witnessed and how it has worsened over time. It would be best to take legal assistance from an experienced attorney.

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