Easy Adjustments You Can Make to Combat Tooth Loss

Easy Adjustments You Can Make to Combat Tooth Loss
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If you asked people what their biggest fear was, they would say losing their teeth. Nobody wants to have a huge gap or ruin their smile. When you were a child, it was exciting to lose a tooth. The tooth fairy would come and put money under your pillow. However, as an adult, you know that a new tooth is not going to grow in its place. Let’s not forget the other troubling side effects of tooth loss. We are talking about lost bone density and the facial distortions that can arise.

The good news is tooth loss can be prevented with simple changes to your daily routine. You can protect your teeth and ensure they do not have to be removed because of decay. Alternatively, your actions can prevent teeth from falling out. Let’s get to the good part and learn how you can combat tooth loss.

Get a Dental Implant

First, let’s take a scenario when you have already lost a tooth. You might think about leaving the gap, especially if it is at the back of your mouth and not obvious. However, this is the worst thing you could do. This can be what leads to loss of bone density and it can make your mouth change shape. What’s more, it can leave the other teeth with more work to do and they can move into the gap.

If you have lost a tooth, you want to fix this before encountering any more problems. In particular, you should consider getting a dental implant. This is going to fill the gap left by the tooth. Not only can it restore your confidence since you are replacing the tooth that is missing. But, it is also going to help the structure of the jaw. Therefore, it stops bone loss and the other teeth from moving. You can get the best dental implants London treatment at Smile Cliniq. You can get a free consultation, which enables you to find out what treatment looks like for your situation.

Brush Your Teeth Properly

Let’s discuss one of the best ways to prevent tooth loss. You have to do everything in your power to prevent tooth decay. Thus, you should commit to your brushing regime. If you are guilty of skipping brushing before bed or not flossing often, this message is for you. If this becomes a habit, you risk ruining your smile. Your teeth can develop plaque and you can suffer from decay. Eventually, your teeth can fall out or will have to be removed.

Therefore, you should rethink your teeth-brushing routine. In particular, brush in the morning and at night. This should be done with a soft bristle toothbrush and the right technique. In addition, flossing is going to help clean the teeth. It is also beneficial to use a mouthwash. Together, these habits encourage good oral health.

Avoid Sipping Sodas

Many people are aware that sodas can rot your teeth. They are bad for the enamel since they can be acidic. The same can be said about fruits. Of course, if you can, you should try to kick the habit. Limit your consumption of soda and fruit juices. Ideally, you want to drink more water than any other beverage. Not only is this good for your teeth, but it will keep you hydrated.

However, if you cannot kick the habit, ensure you are not sipping on sodas. Doing this all day can have the effect of continuously damaging the teeth. Instead, you are better off drinking the soda and finishing it off. Then, you can brush your teeth or have water to remove the acid from your mouth.

Be Careful During Sports

If you play contact sports, you must be careful of injury. In particular, remember that if you get into a scrape and lose a tooth, this is going to be painful and have consequences. This is why you are better off taking preventative action. In particular, it might be best to wear a mouthguard during games.

With a mouthguard, your teeth will be protected when you are wearing it. This means that if you have a collision with another player, you do not have to worry about any damage or breakages. The mouthguard goes around the teeth to secure and protect them. They are custom-made for your mouth so they are comfortable to wear.

Address Teeth Grinding

Do you suffer from sore teeth in the morning? Are you having headaches during the day and find chewing difficult? These symptoms could be because you are grinding your teeth in your sleep. A lot of people do this without realizing it. They figure it out only when they suffer during the day and start to consider what could be causing it.

Well, if you do grind your teeth, this can wear down your teeth over time, leading to damage. To avoid causing permanent problems, it is best to address the teeth grinding. Sometimes, you can have a mouthguard created that can stop this from happening. You can ask your dentist about this.

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