Discover How the Charmed Show is Perfectly Relatable to Your Daily Life

Discover How the Charmed Show is Perfectly Relatable to Your Daily Life
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Films often draw inspiration from real stories, fiction, and relatable life elements. The WB’s Charmed show is one of the most unique series you’ll ever have on your screens. In many ways, the show creators tend to eliminate the thin line between the fictitious phase and how the viewers understand life. Keep reading for more comparisons between essential Charmed elements and real life.

Life’s All About Choices

It’s undoubtedly convincing that you must decide on most of life’s elements. Whether you want to do good to people, choosing which way to take it is up to you. The Charmed creators, led by Brad Kern, insist on decisiveness in that the Charmed Ones make major life decisions that would even take their lives. Maintaining the Power of Three, the Halliwell sisters fought demons to accomplish what they had vowed to do- to help the innocent from the maneuvering evil spirits.

Everyone Needs Love

In the same line, the statement gets a few nods once it comes across most people’s ears. The Charmed show is full of lovely couples who define what true love is. Although a few failed relationships and marriages are in the show, many successful ones should also propel you to find love. There’s no perfect relationship. However, love is worthwhile for everyone.

Life is Full of Magic

Life has a way of unfolding magic for anyone who gives it an exploration. Although the magic from the Charmed series may deviate slightly from what you experience, the magic still has the same feel. In the show that gained popularity globally, every witch possessed unique superpowers that they used for other people’s good.

Magic not only exists in your favorite movies and books. In real life, however, you must embrace how magical you and your life are. Whether through nature, spirituality, music, beautiful petals in the garden, personal capabilities, and how you perceive the outside world, you experience more than what meets the eye.

Blood is Thicker Than Water

As the famous saying goes, blood is always thicker than water. The proverb means that family bonds hold you together and strengthen you even more in need. Regardless of the family structure, you must always seek to keep good relationships with your blood no matter what. The Charmed Ones matches this element in real-life situations. When one had to choose their sisters over anything else, sisterhood always won in the choice.

It’s Okay to Face Challenges

Different people have their giants in life, with each trying to move out of the dark times. While facing common life challenges, you must understand that you’re not alone. In Charmed, for instance, there came a time when the sisters had to leave everything to protect other villagers who had no control over the demonic forces. Also, after Prue’s death, the two sisters feel lost and broken. However, they later meet their half-sister, Paige, who brings back their sisterhood feeling.

Television shows relate to real life in so many ways. If you watched Charmed, either the original WB’s or CW’s reboot, you’re sure there’s a thin gap between your watching experience and daily life, like in the above examples.

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