Different Ways Of Styling The Wolf Cut

Wolf Haircut

The wolf cut is increasingly gaining popularity and has become a common choice for women seeking to show their confidence. The bold cut gives the face an edgy appearance for a defined appearance. The wolf haircut can be worn differently to suit different occasions and represent different personalities.

The wolf haircut is a trend that, as a woman, you should try at least once. It offers versatility in styling, as you can have it done in different styles for different appearances. It is a haircut that best expresses feminism and self-love. Below are different ways of doing the wolf cut that can inspire you.

The Wolf Shag Cut

As the name suggests, this combines the shag, and the wolf cut. This style is classic; you will need an experienced stylist to achieve the standard look. 

In simple terms, it can be described as a choppier wolf haircut, and the layers are left shorter. Compared to the standard wolf haircut, it features extra volume and texture resulting from the short layers. 

You can spice up the look by adding a color of your choice for a more defined and bold appearance.

A Short Wolf Haircut

This is for lovers of short hair. The definitive features are the super short sides, the nape, and a bit-long crown. The lower side and the back may be extra-long, which makes the style more dramatic and bold.

If your face shape is oval, round, or square, this style will work for you as it adds more definition to the facial features. The short wolf haircut also offers versatility in styling as you can have the hair sleek or messy depending on your mood and occasion for the day.

Short wolf haircut

The Wolf Mullet

This is the combination of mullet and wolf features in the same hairstyle. You can style the wolf mullet differently to bring out different looks.

The wolf mullet hairstyle is ideal if you want a drastic change from your current hairstyle.

For a more edgy and bold way of switching up the look, you can try using different hair dyes from your natural hair color. It is an ideal option for older ladies who want to look younger and in touch with fashion.

Medium-Length Wolf

It is the ideal option for people with medium-length hair naturally or who do not have long or short hair. The medium-length wolf cut is the most feminine version of the wolf hairstyle as it does not entail a lot of edgy characteristics.

If your hair is naturally thin and has a medium texture, this hairstyle may work perfectly for you. It involves adding wispy layers to frame the facial features. 

If you have naturally curly hair, this hairstyle may work best for you as it will be easy to add wispy layers.  You can style the hair to cover your eyes, drawing more attention to your facial features, or you can direct the hair to the back. It is low maintenance, as the wispy layers mean you will not need a comb for a sleek appearance. 

Medium wolf haircut

Wolf Haircut With Curtain Bangs

This combines the wolf haircut with a well-designed curtain bang. Most people love this styling technique, as many celebrities inspire it.

The wolf haircut is perfect for a more modern and catchy appearance. It is better done on women with naturally straight and wavy hair. However, if you have curly hair and do not mind spending time styling, you can also comfortably try this hairstyle.

This hairstyle mostly features a side part, and a difference in length is clear to distinguish the bangs from the rest of the hair. You can, however, style the bangs differently or have them dyed in a different color for a bold and clear distinction.

The bangs are tapered towards the back for a smooth transition. You can try this hairstyle on all hair lengths. It is suitable for both formal and casual occasions as it does not have much dramatic effects.

The Japanese Wolf Haircut

This is a trending feminine cut that the Japanese inspired. It is also known as the medium bob.

The distinctive features are the layers that are styled to make the facial features more elaborate and may take time to style.

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