Benefits of Renting a Townhome Versus an Apartment

Renting a Townhome
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Renting a townhome may suit you better than an apartment if you need more privacy and space. When considering townhomes for rent versus an apartment, research both options as you consider your home requirements. Here are the benefits of renting a townhome versus an apartment:


Townhomes are bigger compared to apartments and provide more privacy. Instead of sharing common hallways and having neighbors living above or below, a townhome offers an entrance, and you can have neighbors on both or one side. Townhomes for rent often have fewer tenants, and you may choose a more private side.

Apartments are built on three or more floors. You can have neighbors below you, above you, and on both sides. Consider an apartment if you are okay with sharing multiple walls with neighbors.


Townhomes provide more living space than apartments and are quite open. The multi-level floor plan and multiple bedrooms make it ideal if you live with roommates or are ready to start a family. A townhome usually includes a laundry room, parking garage, and storage locker in a private home setting. Apartments typically have smaller spaces since the housing style is designed to make the most of the limited space. It can mean lower ceilings, narrow hallways, and smaller storage space.

The square footage in a townhome and an apartment may be the same, but the difference is in the layout. The square footage of an apartment comprises a single level. A townhome is divided between two floors. The division in a townhome is ideal if you need more separation between the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen areas. An apartment is ideal if you prefer to access all areas of your residence. Apartments are liked by individuals with mobility concerns like back or knee pain because climbing stairs may be difficult.


A townhome may be an ideal choice if you want something that provides more space without overspending. Apartments have many units in one building. The cost of maintaining a single unit is lower than living with a larger multi- or single-family situation. You may pay more for a townhome than an apartment because they offer many benefits like an outdoor space, are beautifully and spaciously built, and have an association fee that renters should pay alongside the rent.


Outdoor space lovers find townhomes to be a great choice. They often offer more versatility when it comes to outdoor activities. Having a lawn or space for outdoor events can be a game changer. When living in an apartment, you will not enjoy such amenities. Renting a townhome gives you the feeling of having a larger home without doing all the work. Many townhomes have homeowners associations (HOAs) that take care of maintenance around the community.

Choosing Between a Townhome and an Apartment

Both townhomes and apartments are ideal choices for renters. A townhome will be suitable if you love more separation and space between your bedroom and kitchen. If you enjoy living in a compact area with access to everything, an apartment should be your priority. Each has its pros and cons, but it all depends on your lifestyle and needs. A townhome is an excellent choice if you have a young family or are a young resident. If you have a tight budget, an apartment would be ideal. Townhomes are great rental properties as they offer more privacy and space than apartments.

Find Modern Townhomes for Rent

Choose a real estate management company that can help you find the perfect modern townhomes for rent. Prioritize a company that can show you townhome designs, outdoor amenities, and parking spaces to get an idea of the setup of townhomes they have for rent. They should offer a wide variety of townhomes to make it easy to choose one that can meet your needs.

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