Apple Watch Reaches 100M Users in December According to Above Avalon 30M of which came in 2020 35% of US iPhone users wear an Apple Watch (Neil Cybart)

according apple watch aboveavalon 100m december 30m
according apple watch aboveavalon 100m december 30m (Image Credit: freepik)

The Apple Watch has reached a major milestone, with an estimated 100 million users having adopted the wearable device as of December 2020. According to Neil Cybart of Above Avalon, 30 million of these users were added in 2020 alone. Furthermore, 35% of US iPhone owners now own an Apple Watch.

This is a remarkable achievement for Apple given that the first-generation Apple Watch was only released in April 2015. It marks the substantial growth and influences the smartwatch has achieved within its five-year lifespan. This rapid adoption highlights how popular and accepted this technology has become throughout society. 

The success of the Apple Watch can be attributed to several factors, such as its design and features, or even its wide availability through both online and physical retailers.

The Apple Watch is considered one of the most fashionable wearables on the market due to its style, slim design, and range of bands available for customization.

Moreover, it is much more than just a stylish accessory it offers powerful features including fitness tracking, text messaging/notifications, phone calling capabilities (via Bluetooth), heart rate monitoring, and much more. These features are all backed by reliable battery life making sure your watch is always ready when you need it most. 

Furthermore, Apple Watches are now much more affordable than they once were; particularly with their collaboration with carriers offering monthly installment plans which have expanded access beyond those who could afford one outright at launch prices. Coupled with competitive pricing strategies this has helped drive sales further still. 

Finally, another driver of adoption has been app developers creating dedicated applications solely for Apple Watches as well as optimizing existing apps for use with watches such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram which have all experienced substantial user growth since being made available on the platform. 


It’s clear to see why 35% of US iPhone users now own an Apple Watch following its release in 2015 from its stylish design to its useful features -it’s no surprise that over 100 million users have adopted this device since launch with many more expected to come onboard soon!

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