A New Jersey company incurred costs of almost $711,000 due to unpaid overtime and penalties.

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The U.S. Federal Court of Appeals has ordered 89 employees not paid overtime to receive over $711,000 from a company that provides electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services.

According to an announcement made by the Department of Labor (DOL) on Wednesday, FTR Electrical Mechanical Contractors, Inc., which has its headquarters in Union, New Jersey, has been charged with more than $16,000 in civil monetary penalties and interest for willfully violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. These charges come on top of the unpaid wages that were already owed to the company’s employees. To know more about your workplace rights discuss with New Jersey employment lawyers.

An investigation by the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division found that the company and its co-managers deliberately failed to pay overtime to its electricians, electrician helpers, and HVAC technicians during an investigation conducted by the department. The DOL investigation was carried out in response to a complaint that was filed with the department. The following crimes were accused of having been committed by the defendants:

  • It is a rate equal to one’s regular hourly wage if more than 40 hours are worked in a week, or the equivalent to one’s regular weekly wage.
  • Worker’s had to put in extra hours outside of their normal work schedules without being compensated for their efforts, even though they were required to work overtime.
  • Demanded that workers punch in at the beginning of each work shift, but instructed them to stay on the clock even after they had completed their shift.
  • Employees should be compensated for a maximum of eight hours worked on each workday, regardless of the number of hours they really put in.
  • failed to keep correct records of the number of hours worked by employees and the total amount of earnings paid out to them.

Employees who are treated unfairly, are not paid enough, or are forced to work under conditions that violate the law require the assistance of an advocate in the legal system. Employees who require the services of an experienced legal representative can get in touch with the employment attorneys in New Jersey.

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