A Comprehensive Guide On How To Wear Platform Sandals

Wear Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are a cool, bold, and versatile footwear choice that helps escalate your fashion game to another level. They are extremely trendy, especially in the spring and summer seasons allowing you to add elevation to any outfit of your choice.

The chunky sole of the sandals adds weight that compliments every light and summer-friendly outfit. Moreover, the cushioned sole of these elevated sandals also provides comfort, balance, and support for fashion-conscious women who are always on the move. In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to wear platform sandals and style them with sophistication.

1. Style With Simple Shorts And A Tee

Platform sandals always take a step ahead of simple flat sandals as the chunky sole can add a pop to any basic outfit, such as a tee and shorts. To accomplish a chill and casual look, style your tight crop top or an oversized T-shirt with jeans and shorts.

Add some attention to your legs and make them look longer by putting on neutral-colored platform sandals such as maroon wedge sandals. You can accessorize further with sunglasses and put your hair up in a bun to rock up this basic look. 

2. Getting Bold With Wide-Leg Pants

During official or other important settings, wearing long wide-leg pants with loose-fitting shirts can emit an elegant yet minimalist charm. Such attire demands bold footwear that is comfortable to carry at the same time. Dark-colored Platform sandals are the ideal choice for such situations since dark and heavy-looking shoes always go well with wide-legged pants to create a balanced look.

Style a white or black cotton shirt and beige wide-leg pants with black wedge sandals such as Kosh-a’s Kalay Luxe Wedges or brown Rosa Luxe Wedges to add a prominent and confident tone to your outfit. The platform sandals offered by Kosh-a are constructed and designed in such a way that help you walk with ease while radiating confidence and pride. Don’t forget to accessorize with a gold or silver watch, and dainty earrings to add some spark for a luxurious feel.

3. Pair With Mom Jeans Or Boyfriend Jeans

Mom jeans or boyfriend jeans are among the best jeans styles to pair your platform heels with, giving off a casual but chic look. The loose and baggy fit of the jeans helps balance the chunky weight of platform sandals, which would otherwise look pretty bulky when paired with skinny jeans.

The elevated sole of the sandal is already enough for adding a pop to your outfit, but a brighter color can highlight your look further. You can go for blue wedges and match the color of your jeans, fabricating a soothing appearance. To add a more colorful accent to your relaxed outfit, Pink wedges are recommended.

4. Add Elegance With Your Mini Or Maxi Dresses

Maxi or Mini Dresses, the evergreen feminine outfits, can be upgraded to a higher level by simply pairing them with soft-toned platform sandals. The elevated sole offers weight to the elegant attire that complements the enchanting vibe of the dress. 

The entire outfit can be enhanced and styled with either pink wedges or white wedges for a captivating and beautiful demeanor. Accessorize further with a cute pair of earrings and a pendant to add a more charming and romantic ensemble. Don’t forget to coordinate the color of your purse or clutch with your sandals to accomplish a balanced and polished look.

5. Setting It Up With Skirts

Style your platform sandals with long flowy skirts. Generally, skirts give off a simple and charming look that can be paired with cream-coloured wedges. Remember, if your sandals are too bold and vibrant they can look bulky and make your feet appear enormous.

Therefore, when wearing skirts, always go for neutral-coloured sandals that either match the color of your outfit or the tone of your skin. Let your skirt be the statement piece and the sandals be a supporting element. This will add to the flow of the skirt and balance out your outfit.

Bottom Line

Kosh-a offers a wide range of platform sandals made of faux leather, that are not only stylish but are also a sustainable choice of footwear for several fashion enthusiasts. Crafted by Indian artisans with intricate details and traditional Indian designs, these sandals are durable, breathable, and stylish without compromising on comfort.

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