9 Tips for Buying Cheap Concert Tickets

cheap concert tickets

On average, a single touring band will play between 36 and 72 concerts in a year.

Concerts can be a huge amount of fun, and they give you a chance to see your favorite musicians perform. While that’s great, they can often be quite expensive. When you’re looking for concert tickets, it’s natural to want them to be as cheap as possible.

In this guide, we’re going to go over 9 key tips that can help you get cheap concert tickets. Keep reading for more.

1. Use Presale to Buy Tickets

If you’re very particular about your tickets, presale is a good choice. It will help you ensure you get the exact tickets you want, but it’s not always the easiest method.

Phone providers often allow their customers to get access to presale concert tickets., so some people will have the opportunity, while others won’t. Keep an eye on any concert tickets you’re interested in to see if you can get them as presale tickets. This is the best opportunity to get the perfect seats for your favorite acts.

2. Buy General Sale Tickets

When you’re buying concert tickets, you might miss out on the chance for presale. If so, the next opportunity to buy them is in the general sale.

Depending on the concert they’re for, they could sell out very quickly. Make sure you know what time and date they’re going to go on sale so you can be ready. For high-demand tickets, this is often the best opportunity.

If they sell out quickly, people will likely start selling them at an inflated price. If you really want to see an artist, you might be happy to pay a bit more. Still, it’s better to get event tickets when they’re at their cheapest.

3. Compare Prices

There are multiple sites that sell concert tickets. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they’ll all be the same price.

It can be worth taking the time to look at different suppliers and compare the prices. This could help you save a significant amount of money while still getting the exact tickets you’re after.

4. Get Tickets Delivered Via Email

This may seem obvious, but it’s something that’s surprisingly easy to miss. In the past, physical tickets were the standard. Over the years, however, things have become more digital, so you usually only need an image or PDF copy of your ticket.

Printed tickets cost a provider extra. It’s not a huge amount, but they may pass this cost on to customers. This means that you could end up spending a bit extra to have physical tickets.

This will never be a huge amount, but if you go to a lot of concerts, it can quickly add up. It’s also worth noting that avoiding paper tickets is better for the environment.

5. Consider Standing

When you go to a concert, you ideally want to be comfortable. With that being said, there can often be a sizable price difference between standing and seated tickets. It’s always worth comparing the two, as you could save yourself a lot of money if you’re willing to stand.

When buying tickets, some providers will give you the option to buy the “best available”. These are usually seated tickets, and they’re almost always more expensive.

If you’re happy to stand, you should search for the specific tickets you’re after. On top of being cheaper, it’s also usually easier to get standing tickets, so the whole process may well be less stressful.

6. Use Verified Reseller Sites

Getting tickets during presale or general sale can sometimes be very difficult. If you miss out on some tickets you really want, you should still be able to get them on a reseller site.

These platforms allow people to sell their tickets to other customers. They might want to do this if they can no longer attend for any reason, so you could still have a shot at getting to see your favorite performers,

When doing this, the price can vary quite a bit. Shortly after the general sale, they could still be at face value. As time goes by, the price could go up or down, depending on the demand for the show.

You need to think about how interested people are in a specific event. Periods of ‘lull’ may occur where the price drops a bit, giving you an opportunity to save some cash. You can visit this event tickets page to see some tickets that are currently available.

7. Go Solo to Your Favourite Artist

Most people prefer to go to concerts with friends, but anyone that’s happy to go alone may be able to save some money. You could search for individual tickets that may be for sale between groups or couples.

Solo tickets are harder to sell, so they’re often cheaper. This gives you an opportunity to find good deals while still getting to see your favorite artists.

8. Buy Tickets From a Friend

Buying tickets online is fairly standard. This may also be your only option at times. If possible, however, you might be better off buying tickets from a friend.

If you find someone you know who’s selling tickets, they might give you a better deal. It’s also a surefire way to avoid being scammed.

9. Enter Competitions to Win Free Tickets

This is one of the most difficult methods to succeed with, but it can also be one of the best. There are always plenty of competitions running for concert tickets, so you could enter to give yourself a chance of getting some tickets you missed out on.

You’ll often find these online or through radio stations. In some cases, you might also be able to win extras alongside concert tickets such as transport and accommodation for the event.

Finding Cheap Concert Tickets

It’s not always easy to find cheap concert tickets, but it’s worth putting in a bit of extra work if you really want to go to a show. Take the time to look at the different options available, but make sure you stay safe and avoid scams.

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