6 Ways to Generate New Leads at An Event Show

Generate New Leads at An Event Show
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Trade events, industrial shows, business meets, and corporate seminars have emerged as one of the most potent ways to generate sales leads and promote your business. 

Whether you are engaged in B2B or B2C marketing, such events where many business owners gather can greatly help you forge new contacts, revive the old contacts and project your company. 

The importance of lead generation is growing all across the world. According to a report published on Linkedin, the “B2B Lead Generation Services Market” is likely to grow at a CAGR of 11.91% from 2021-2027 and might touch USD 3734 million by 2027.

How Events Help You Generate Business Leads? 

The exchange of digital business cards plays a key role in such events. Sending your business card to another business person through your handset at the event may help you generate new leads. 

This is because when you introduce yourself to another business person, you never know that the other end (i.e., the business person you meet) may be looking for the products and services your company delivers. 

The business events are marketing or sales facilitation programs. Attending more numbers of such trade events can help you explain to a prospective client the range of your products and services. The one-on-one explanation of the features of your products and services can also be done at such business meets. 

Many business operators knowing about your specific products and services will help lead generation directly. This is why business events have evolved as direct marketing channels, as you are coming in (direct) contact with the business operator who might need to source the product and services of your company. 

Here are six ways how you can generate new leads at event shows:

You can reap the benefit of business events by following certain ways. Mind you; such corporate seminars and business meets are meant to facilitate entrepreneurs to generate marketing leads. 

You may stand to gain if you follow these six ways explained below:

Carry Out Your Public Relations Effectively: You can use your digital card as the first step to creating a relationship. Since you can come across many business operators in such business events, you can easily conduct public relations with them to generate leads. 

Schedule A Post Icebreaking Meeting: You are breaking the ice with your potential customers at a business meeting. As you have already given your prospective client your card and received the same from him/her, you can always request an appointment to discuss your products and services in the coming days. This can be wonderful scope for you to do marketing. 

Do First Phase of Marketing: When you come across a business person who might need your line of products and services, you can always initially talk about marketing. When sending an e-Business card to someone at such a business event venue, the person will see your product and service ranges and their nature. You should grab this opportunity to hint about possible price discounts or other benefits you may offer if the person is initially willing to source the products or services from your company. 

Create Your Business Contact Data Bank: The business events expose you to many business operators. Giving them your digital business card can help you generate new leads and thicken old business contacts. They also send you their company e-Cards. The best way to generate the lead is to analyze the product and service nature of the entrepreneurs whose digital cards are already stored in your Android handset or Tablet. 

Send Product & Service Specifications to Your Contacts: A post-icebreaking session can lead you to generate leads if you mail your product profiles and price quotes to them. You can directly inform the business owner what benefits you offer them and list specifications or details about your products and services. 

Organize One-on-One Meetings with Prospective Buyers: If your range of services or products matches their requirements, you can always request a One-on-One meeting. You can convert such leads into actual business through face-to-face meetings. 

In Conclusion

The importance of marketing lead generation at business events can be gauged from the fact that you come across many corporate operators at a single place during such trade conferences or business events. If you have already given your e-Business cards to some of the business operators in earlier conferences, it is quite likely that you will come across such persons once again. Now you can renew your contract and enquire about their interest in your products and services. This gives you a greater chance to convert a lead.

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