6 Promotional Items Guaranteed To Grow Your Brand in 2023

6 Promotional Items Guaranteed To Grow Your Brand in 2023
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Looking to grow your brand’s reach in 2023? Using promotional marketing item giveaways is a great way to prove to your customers that you care, and to get your products and brands out into the public sphere in an organic fashion. If that sounds up your alley, here are six promotional items that are guaranteed to grow your brand in 2023:

1. Pens

Pens remain one of the most useful and prevalent promotional items that companies give out when trying to build their brand. Even in today’s digital age, nothing is quite as good for keeping track of day-to-day needs as good old-fashioned pen and paper. If you give out quality pens with your brand emblazoned upon them, people will be reminded of your brand’s generosity every time they need to put down some contact information, or when they want to remember their next “breakthrough” idea. Especially if you work in a creative industry, branded pens can be a real game-changer for your marketing efforts. If you want to save a ton of money, it’s always best to buy in bulk.

2. Hand Sanitizer

People like to know that brands care about their health and well-being, especially in 2023. With this in mind, giving out a free gift that promotes personal health and well-being is a great way to create new, loyal customers (and to attract old ones back to your business as well). Hand sanitizer is being widely used throughout the US post-pandemic, so nearly everyone will be happy to receive a free supply. Simply slap your brand on the hand sanitizer in a reasonable manner, and your gift recipients will think about your company every time they go to sanitize their hands. Talk about a great deal!

3. Snack Packs

Who doesn’t love free food? Customers absolutely do, even when it’s just a light healthy (or savory) snack. More and more companies are ordering bulk boxes of snack packs that feature their brand prominently on the wrapping. If you’re thinking of attending a trade show, or a community event, these branded snack packs will be a godsend. Especially if your clientele is fitness-minded, a healthy snack pack gift can help them develop a positive and appreciative view of your brand. When going with the snack pack strategy, you simply need to focus on determining what type of snack will best suit the audience you’re trying to attract, and then you’ll be good to go.

4. Water Bottles

Speaking of staying healthy, free branded water bottles are a great way to boost your brand visibility while increasing your clientele’s hydration levels. People are drinking water more commonly than they have in years, so they will be thrilled by the prospect of receiving a completely free water bottle from a local brand. It’s crazy how many quality branded water bottles you can get when buying in bulk these days, so this strategy is available to companies of all sizes, even small ones that are on a tight marketing budget. Once again, this is a great promotional item choice for companies that cater to more fitness-minded customers.

5. Hats

Staying cool and shaded during the hot summer months is crucial for comfort and skin health. When buying branded hats to use as promotional gifts, you should consider the three following factors: style, fit, and function. Finding a hat that fits your audience will help this stellar promotional marketing campaign strategy soar to success! If you’re not sure what type of style best fits your audience, it’s time to do some market research. Once you’ve pinned down what will thrill your target customers and audience the most, you can get to ordering tons of quality hats with your brand on them. You can also create the always-fantastic “walking billboard” effect when customers wear your hat out in public, as this will spread your brand far and wide.

6. Cups

Branded cups, whether they’re plastic or glass, are a fantastic and practical promo gift that will impress your audience. Everyone likes having a solid stock of cups in their cupboard, and everyone who drinks from your branded cup will become that much more intimate with your company. If a customer you give a branded cup to ends up throwing a party and using your cup, a lot more people will begin to develop intimate and positive feelings around your brand. Achieving this effect is the ultimate goal of promotional marketing campaigns, so cups have remained one of the core items companies use when using this tried-and-true marketing strategy.

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