5 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Land to a Direct Buying Company

Selling Your Land
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Land buyers tend to be more flexible and accommodating than traditional real estate investors or agents. They understand that everyone’s situation is unique and may be willing to create a customized solution for you. Obtaining a loan to buy land is more difficult than buying a home. If you need help selling your land, here are some reasons to consider working with a direct buyer.


Purchasing land is one of the greatest achievements individuals can achieve in their lifetime. However, this is a costly undertaking, and you must have the finances to purchase it. Buying land from a company allows you to get value-added services such as electricity, water, and graded roads which might not be possible with an individual seller. This makes the land more attractive and affordable for prospective buyers. Selling your land to a direct buyer also means saving on property taxes. This is because you avoid paying listing fees and commissions to an agent. You can browse via: Sellland.com to learn more about the advantages of selling your land to a direct buyer. In addition, you can sell your land in a short period and get immediate cash. This is much better than waiting months or years to sell your land the traditional way.

Fast Transactions

When you sell your land to a company that pays cash, the transaction can go much faster than selling through an agency or on your own. This is because the buyers do not have to secure financing and may close in less than a week. When selling to a buyer who wants to move quickly, ensure you have your contingencies outlined in the contract. These can include a title search and inspections to ensure the property is free of any issues.

Also, be prepared to provide proof of funds for the closing costs. This should be on letterhead from your bank with the date, amount and name of the account holder listed. This is one of the most common requirements for all cash sales.

Reduced Risk

When buying land, it’s important to consider all the factors involved. The land is a valuable asset that appreciates faster than built-up property because it’s more immune to outside changes like weather or erosion. The land also tends to have lower property taxes, making it a great investment for the future. Purchasing land from companies also reduces hassle as most of the work is done for you, including allocating plots with ready title deeds. It’s usually easier to check a company’s credibility than an individual, which can reduce the risk of falling victim to fraudsters. Land-selling companies can also offer value-added features in their developments, such as roads, electricity, water and graded plots, which can increase the overall land price.

Accurate Information

Before buying any property, it’s important to understand what you can and cannot do with the land. Ask the seller to provide any documentation about covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) that could limit building or other activities on the property. This is an especially important question for those considering building a home on the property. These rules dictate the types and sizes of houses allowed on the property and whether or not you can raise livestock or even paint your house a particular color. This information can take weeks or months to gather when listing your property with a realtor or on your own. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to sell the property quickly. A direct buyer can help you avoid these delays.

No Hassle

The land is one of the most valuable assets that you can own. However, the dream of owning land can turn into a nightmare if you are not careful about who you buy from. It is challenging to investigate an individual’s background thoroughly, but with the right companies, the work is already done for you. You can expect to be given value-added land regarding water, electricity and graded roads, often not offered when buying from individuals. You will also save on transfer fees since the company takes care of them for you. Owning land is a great investment that you will never regret. It appreciates much faster than built-up properties and is safe from external changes. Moreover, the property taxes for land are usually lower than those for built-up properties.

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